Sunday, October 17, 2010

Urbanathlon & Around Chicago

As I mentioned in my last post, I wrapped up my business trip Friday evening, but before leaving Chicago I went to watch some friends do the Men's Health Urbanathlon yesterday.  It's very rare for me to actually watch a race, since usually I'm participating in it, but after being on my feet at the trade show all week this was a welcome change.

My friend Hansel, his brother Noel, and friend Sean were each doing one relay leg of the 9.75 mile race, which included both running and various obstacles, like this one that Noel had to do:

Noel did far better than he expected... he planned for about an hour to complete his leg, and ended up finishing in 25 minutes! Tired, but proud of his achievement:

After Noel was done, me, Noel, Noel's wife Ashley, and Ashley's friend Caitlin headed to the finish line so that we could see Hansel complete the final leg of the race.  (Unfortunately, there wouldn't be time to see Sean's leg, since these three are so lightening fast!) For someone who spends most of my Chicago trips out by O'Hare inside an exhibition center, it was nice to get to see some of the more beautiful parts of the city while we were walking:

At the finish line were the final three obstacles.  Leaping over taxibcabs:

Scaling a city bus:

And climbing a wall with a rope, (which I'm fairly certain I am not currently physically able to do):

Hansel rocked out the last obstacles, and the guys finished in an impressive 1 hour and 39 minutes.  That's about how long it takes me to run the distance without any obstacles!

After the race, we had lunch at a cute little cafe on Michigan Avenue called Gage.  I had a delicious turkey sandwich on a baguette with red onions, egg, and garlic aioli, a bowl of chicken noodle soup with tons of veggies in it (check out those carrots!), a boatload of fries (I couldn't eat even half of them), and a ginormous pickle:

After lunch, we walked through town and I got to see some more sights along the way:

As we headed back to Noel's apartment, (which was where my car was parked), we stopped at this cute farmer's market in his neighborhood:

So cute!  Makes me wish we had those kinds of things here in northern Kentucky.  After my fun morning/afternoon in Chicago with friends, it was time to drive home.  I got a ton of sleep last night after the long drive back, and am about to head out the door to get in one more long-ish run before next weekend's half marathon. Think I'll do about 9 miles... but I'm going to skip the obstacles!


tissygoalie1 said...

i'm soooo sad that you got to see Sean and I didn't! haha

Gabrielle Dion said...

LOL, Tiff. I knew you would be jealous!