Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello, Lover

After a painstaking 35 minute wait, and an insufferable 25 minutes in traffic, me and the thing that I desire most could be together at last:

My last rendezvous with Chicago pizza was in October 2008, at the end of a looong and exhausting week just like this one.  For some reason, I think it's blasphemous to have deep dish outside of the state of Illinois, so I've been lusting for some Chicago gooeyness for two full years. 

And today was finally the day.  I happily got to sign off on two machine purchase orders this morning  (cha-ching!) before the long process of packing up our exhibit at Spring World show.  Here's our booth, by the way:

Nice, huh?  All me.  Except the machines.  (Our Japanese engineers make those.)

I had a fun and bizzare week. I found out from one of my coworkers that a welder for my company's subletter is named... are you ready?  Wait for it...  Fred Pancake.  (I seriously can't make this stuff up.)  And, if that weren't enough to have me in stitches, I was told (in complete deadpan delivery) that he recently decided to change his name to Fred Sly.  I've seen this guy welding in the back of our warehouse for over a month now, and had no idea he had such a jacked up name.  Too funny.

On Wednesday, my Japanese coworkers forced me against my will (okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration) to accompany them to New Seoul, a Korean BBQ restaurant. Since I've been working for my company for nearly nine years now, I've done the Korean BBQ thing a number of times, and though I cringe at the thought of it, I knew what to expect.  There was both raw beef and cow tongue served to us, amonst a variety of other unidentifiable meats and vegetables.  While in the past, these various icky entrees were enough to make for a great story, their weirdness finally got outweirded.  By what, you ask? Oh, okay, I'll tell you:  Hot Liquid Corn.  Mmmmmm, corn!

That's right, after dinner, instead of coffee, we were all served Corn Tea.  Corn tea taste exactly like if you were to boil a bunch of tortilla chips and then just drink the water.  It's weird.  Really weird.  But, actually, I have to admit that once I got over how strange it was to be drinking corn, I kind of liked it. :-)

Last night, my coworkers and I enjoyed a far more normal dining experience at the House of Blues.  I had a delicious bowl of red beans and rice with a side of cornbread, and I was able to snag a huge plate of cauliflower from one of my coworkers.  The cauliflower was perfect for dipping:

And that brings us back to tonight and my tryst with Mr. Deep Dish.  After perusing the menu, I ordered a small cheese pie to take back to the hotel with me.  I rarely request anything in a size small (and am even more rarely actually sated with something labeled as such), but my Giordano's pizza tonight left me more than satisfied (and there's still more than half left!).  It's a shame to waste it... so if anyone want to cruise by the Rosemont Hilton, I can hook you up.

Tomorrow morning, I am heading downtown to the Urbanathlon to watch my crazy Indian friend (dot, not feather) and his brothers run around and jump over some stuff.  Photos and a detailed account to follow.

Goodnight, Chicago!

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Jamie said...

mmm... giordano's. glad you were able to get your hands on some deep dish while you were in town.