Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decompression Time

Today was the second morning in a row where I've been running around like a crazy woman.  While being in Chicago last week was stressful in its own way, it's very diffferent from my daily grind of 18,000 various things thrown at me all at once.  This morning started by explaining to the copier repair man that our copier is "squeaking" (and then trying to describe and duplicate the squeak to no avail), then I had to answer question after question from our prying Japanese financial auditor whilst quoting, picking, packing and invoicing an order of vacuum cups.  And while I was juggling all of this, I was trying to do an expense report and had receipts sprawled out all across my desk.  On days like today, when lunchtime rolls around, an hour or so of "Calgon, take me away!" is in order. 

One thing that's very important to me, especially since losing weight, is taking time to actually sit and enjoy my meals, instead of busily cramming something down my throat while I'm typing.  I make a point every  weekday to stop what I'm doing, and get myself out of the office for lunch.  Luckily, it's easy for me to do this, since I only live about 10 minutes away from the business park where I work.  I cherish my daily hour of sanity and relaxation.  I catch up on my DVR'd shows, spend some quality time with the furball cat, and make lunch:

Today I made a roast beef and asiago cheese sandwich on half of a 9-grain petite loaf.  I broiled the cheese in the oven until it got oozy and bubbly, then I put it together with some sliced roast beef, a huge pile of baby spinach, and a little horseradish dressing for some zing.  Along with my sandwich, I warmed up some leftover acorn squash that I roasted on Sunday, and blobbed out some apple butter for dipping. (I hadn't had apple butter in ages until I saw it paired with sweet potato fries at the Dilly Cafe a few weekends ago.  I made a point to pick some up, and now its the condiment du jour in my house.)  Absolutely delicious, healthy and satisfying lunch... makes me wonder why I ever bothered eating fast food?  As I ate, I watched the Amazing Race from Sunday (I am pulling for Nat & Kat), fed Rocky some treats, and just sort of zoned out for a little bit before coming back to the office refreshed.

What is lunchtime for you?  Do you actually get time to stop what you are doing and enjoy your meal, or is it go-go-go?

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Lisa said...

That sandwich looks amazing! Oh I wish I was able to "take a lunch" or breakfast or dinner for that matter. I do however get two hours a day in the car to decompress driving to and from work. And I really try to enjoy that time to myself. This morning I surfed XM comedy channels and laughed all the way to work.