Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloweekend

I hope everyone had a spooktacular weekend.  I was much too busy doing stuff to be writing about it (as it should be, I guess), so here's what I've been up to... 

Friday I went to the after-party for Run Like Hell, which is an annual 5K race through a cemetary.  I participated in the race in 2008--which was super fun--but opted to just go for the party this year, since I was planning a long run for Saturday.  Here's a pic of me in my ladybug costume before the 2008 race:

It was neat to see everyone dressed up in costumes and have a few beers, but I'm glad I didn't run it this year.  I remember how flipping cold I was (even in a relatively warm costume) once my body temp dropped after I was done running... not comfortable at all.  Also, I'm not a fan of night running; I'm always afraid that I'll step in a pothole and twist my ankle.

A couple of my favorite costumes from Friday:  A group of smurfs who ran in blue t-shirts and Smurf hats (all white hats except for one red hat...presumably that was Papa Smurf) and a lady who had a table around her waist and a lampshade on her head--she was a "One Night Stand."  (She did not run, and, come to think of it, I'm not sure how she would have.)

Saturday morning I drove up north to pound some pavement on the Loveland Bike Trail.  Since my upcoming marathon in Vegas is going to be flat, I see no reason to bother myself with training on any hills (also I really just hate hills), so the bike trail is about the flattest place in Cincy to run.  Also, the scenery along the trail is ridiculously beautiful, especially right now.  There's nothing like watching the crisp yellow and orange and cranberry-red leaves as they fly off the trees and flutter to the ground, crunching beneath your feet--it's quintessential autumn.  I really wish I had taken my camera...but through the magic of the internets, I was able to find a photo that reminds me a lot of what it looked like:

I did 10 miles on the trail, and it felt great.  The last few miles were a little rough, but probably attributable to the fact that I didn't hydrate during the run.  I stopped at Blue Chip after I was done and got a chocolate skim milk for my recovery drink.  Blue Chip also has amzing gelato, which I salivated over but ultimately did not purchase (yay for willpower).

After my run, since I was sort of in the area, I went to Trader Joe's for some my weekly grocery nom noms.  I really wish TJ's was closer; they have such great stuff.  I picked up some pumkin butter, a thai noodle salad, and some out-of-this-world macadamia nut chocalate cookies.

After I unpacked all my loot, I headed back up north of the city to Maineville for a cookout at my brother Maury's house.  He made these delicious blue cheese-stuffed burgers, which were served Primanti Bros style (fries and cole slaw on top...mmm):

After the cookout, I drove my mom back to her condo in Florence, then went BACK to Ohio for the THIRD time for a Halloween party.  I dressed a kitteh-cat, although I didn't get any decent pictures, sigh.  Speaking of which, that brings me to the question of the day:

I'm looking for a new digital camera.  I want to spend under $100, and I want something that's easy to use.  Suggestions? 

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