Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots of Good Stuff

After my recent strange sinus attack and a few lazy days and bad eating, I was feeling a little bit frowny-face.  Whenever I'm not engaging my exercise endorphins, I find myself falling into a sour-puss mood.  Luckily, lots of fun things have happened in the past few days to turn that frown upside down:

Tuesday afternoon: A random letter showed up in my mailbox from Children's Hospital, where I worked in in 1998-1999 as Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Pediatrics.  Apparently, I never cashed a check in the amount of $567.94 dated 1/7/2000, which I would have to assume was either my final paycheck or my unused paid time off reimbursement.  They are sending a replacement check -- cha-ching!  I'm not sure how I could have overlooked that much money, especially since I barely had two cents to rub together back then. Perhaps I was so hard up for cash all the time because I did things like forget to cash $500 paychecks?

Wednesday morning:  As one of the first 100 women to enter after Sept. 22 for last weekend's Cincy Half Marathon, I won a Chica Band!  I'm not usually a fan of headbands, because they always slip off the back of my head once I move a little. I have a funny-shaped head to go along with my abnormally fat left cankle... it's a wonder I'm still single!  But Chica bands claim that they will not slip.  We shall see about that.  The Cincy Half Marathon organizers are mailing out my Chica band.  Full review to come.

Wednesday afternoon:  While I'll be teaching an 8-week Zumba session starting in January at the Edgewood Senior Center, and am looking forward to my first real class, I've been looking for other opportunities to teach as well.  I haven't had an luck with local gyms and was getting a little frustrated, so I was excited when I learned about a new partnership program between Zumba and Curves called Zumba in the Circuit.  I hot-footed it up to my local Curves yesterday and they definitely have an interest in hiring me.  There's also several other Curves in the area, so I may have lots of possibilities. Yay for new job prospects! 

Lastly, you may have noticed if you're seeing my blog on the actual site (instead of the RSS feed) that I've won a major award!  Well, okay, major award is taking it a little far, but I have been recognized by Wellsphere as a Top Health Blogger, as I am proudly displaying in the top left corner of the blog.  Do I think this award is probably bestowed upon everyone who applies?  Yeah, I do.  But does that make me any less happy about receiving my first major award?  No way!  At least it's not a leg lamp.

Happy day, everyone!


destination262 said...

Holy $$$! That is like winning the lottery! Right on. Goodluck on your Zumba thing. That sounds like a very fun partnership!

mthorn2000 said...

hope to see some business cards soon

Jamie said...

happy week! and yea on extra $$$!