Monday, December 27, 2010

Some of my Favorites

In homage to The Sound of Music (which, like last night, I have to watch every time it's on) here are "a few of my favorite things" that I got for Christmas:

For when I need some holiday cheer, during the rest of the year.

For when the cannister isn't working.

 Also to be used during wine time.

 Favorite gift #1 - to take with me on my travels.  No matter where I go, I'll never roam alone!

Favorite gift #2: New lil purse for fancy-schmancy events.  (New Years' Eve being one of those events.)

And, finally, my least favorite thing right now.  The shelving unit in my closet in my office broke, and crap is everywhere.  But dear old Dad is coming over to help me fix it.  Not exactly the project I had in mind for my week off, but better now than in mid-January when I wouldn't have time. 

Readers: What was your favorite Christmas present this year?

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