Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Monday Notes

No flowy, verbose post today (not feelin' it)... just a few random fitness notes that I thought you may enjoy:

Cincinnati (specifically Northern Kentucky) has a new running store!  I am so excited that Tri-state Running Company is now open in my hometown of Edgewood!  It's literally less than a mile away.  I am excited to find out about their training program.  While I enjoyed The Bob Roncker's Running Spot program last year, this might be a better fit for me.

Speaking of marathon training, I recently joined a running group on Facebook called, "I thought they said RUM."  Great name, and I loved that someone posted this hysterical and sadly accurate video:

I figured my fellow runners would get a kick out of it.... my favorite part: "You ran 15 miles on purpose?  You mean with your legs and feet?  I do not drive that far on my commute to work."  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten this same response to my marathoning, but it's almost as often as someone says, "I don't run unless someone is chasing me." 

Also this weekend, I was introduced to the world of Xbox Kinect.  It's much like Wii, but there is no controller.  It's hooked up to a camera, and you just use your body.  It is so different from any video game I've ever played.  My brothers and sister-in-law tried it out (my brother just got the system for his birthday) on Saturday and we had a blast.  First, we played a dance game.  I forget what it was called but I dominated, as a Zumba instructor righty should. 

After everyone got tired of me kicking their butts, we switched to a game called Kinect Adventures, which consisted of jumping over things, ducking under things, dodging things and reaching for things.  (Sorry, that's not very descriptive, but like I said, I'm not feeling very flowy and verbose today.)  On this game, the system takes photos of you while you are playing, which you can then download.  My brother Maury was able to post the photos directly to Facebook from the gaming console. I'm not sure what we're doing here, but I think he was winning.  (He practiced before we got there.)

The best part about the Kinect was that it was quite a workout!  I was sweating within five minutes.  I think if I got one at home that I would use it all the time.  Unfortunately, it's a little pricy, so I'm hoping that the people at Xbox will see my glowing review and send me one to thank me.  You don't think they will?  No?  Come on, Xbox, it's Christmas!

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Jamie said...

I love those video's. they crack me up. i hear good things about kinect but I think if I had one it would just sit there. much more fun with friends and family!