Monday, November 22, 2010

Projects in Progress

I have lots of projects that I'm working on right now, and I thought it might be fun to share some of them with y'all (that's how we talk in Kentucky).

This is my scrapbook that I've been working on, which will house the running bibs from the races I've done.  They've been collecting dust in a pile in my office for some time, and I finally came up with an idea for them.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep all of my bibs, and some of the ones I've kept, I've been thus far unable to determine which race the bib is actually from, so this is still a work in progress:

I'm putting the race dates and times at the bottom, so I can someday show my children (cats?) how many races I completed. 

Also, I've been trying to perfect my oat bran-cinnamon toast crunch muffins:

This is the second go at them - this time I added walnuts and they are definitely better than the first attempt.  Pretty good, but I still think they could be better before I share the recipe.

I'm also excited about my new Canon PowerShot camera, and have been working on figuring out all the settings.  I'm admittedly a pretty bad photographer, but it's something I've been wanting to work on getting better at, and I'm certainly improving now that I have a decent camera (which takes out a lot of the guesswork).  It also helps when you have a good subject to photograph:

Another project I've been working on is coming up with a list of things to do while I'm out in Vegas in two weeks (I'm sooo excited!).  I've done a lot of the touristy things in past trips, but my list so far for this time includes:

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.
2. Zip line on Fremont St.
3. See CityCenter, which will easily be accomplished since I'm staying at Aria.
4. Revisit the Wine Cellar at the Rio, because it's awesome.
5. Get another football-shaped margarita at Golden Gate, and not lose it or get it confiscated at the Golden Nugget like last time.
6. Oh yeah, run a half marathon down the strip!

Readers:  What else is a MUST to do in Vegas?


Jason said...
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Jason said...

Steal $150 million from a casino as part of a large crew of world renowned thieves.

Gabrielle @ Weightless said...

Jason, if it means George Clooney and Matt Damon will be involved, I'm in.

Jane said...

We just got back from Vegas and had a wonderful time! It's fun just to people watch. Pick a show to go to--something that interests you. We went out to Red Rock, and the red rock formations are beautiful. Also, the picture under the title of my blog was taken when we were in Vegas. Snapped through the car window in front of Caesars, in the evening. People were watching the dancing waters. The photo reminds me of a modern day impressionist painting.

Vegas has something for everyone--enjoy!

Anonymous said...

of course spend time with me and jamie!;) duh!!!!! ;-)

Jamie said...

pretty kitty! love the scrapbook. I wish I could think of something to do in Vegas other than shop and drink but I think that's all I have ever done there ;) the race is fun too!