Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cincy Half Marathon - A PR!

All things considered, the half marathon I did today went way better than the one I did last September.  Packet pickup at Sawyer Point was easy last night, although I did't think we should have had to pay $2 to get into the park. The swag was a little lacking -- just a bag, a 13.1 sticker, a tech t-shirt that wasn't gender specific, and about 5 flyers.  But, those things are excusable since it was the inagural year.

Getting to the race this morning was also easy-peasy; parking was abundant and traffic was flowing just fine downtown.  Here's me at the start line, getting ready to race:

It was still dark out, and a little cold, but I was ready to go.  The first few miles felt pretty good, as soon as my hands warmed up and as soon as I could get away from doesn't-deodorize man (whom I unfortanately see at about every local race I do... WTH? I think he's stalking me with his BO). 

Once my olfactory senses recovered, I was able to easily make it up the (one and only!) hill at mile 3.  I saw my friend Matt (also my chauffeur for the day - thanks Matt!) as I was heading into the long stretch down Eastern Ave at mile 5. Here I am getting ready to head down Eastern:

 I took my first Gu break shortly thereafter, and started the long plod down Eastern.  It went rather quickly, in retrospect, and I saw the second half of my cheering section--friend Heather--as I was heading into the turnaround at the end of mile eight.  (Thanks, Heather - you're the best!)  Here I am feelin' fine and headed towards nine:

Heather found me again just before mile 11, and I was still feeling pretty decent, although the balls of my feet were getting sore.  I could have walked, but I decided to push myself.  I got through the Eastern stretch and entered back into Sawyer Point.  I was hurting a little bit, but kept pressing on.  I got a fun surprise at mile 12 when I saw my high school gymnastics coach handing out water! She was excited to see me and asked how I was doing.  I said, "Coach Maundrell, I'm doing great!  I'm running a half marathon!"  She beamed with pride as I passed.  Great moment.

Heather and Matt met me at the finish, where there were abundant refreshments for the finishers.  I decided I'd much rather have good post-race food and drink than a decent swag bag, so the organizers are officially forgiven.  Headed back to the car and snapped this pic, with my medal:

Official time: 2:22:14, crushing my previous half-marathon time by 10 minutes. 

Today I tore up the Cincy half-marathon and had it for breakfast.  Watch out Vegas, you're next!


Jamie said...

Congrats on the huge PR!!! You are going to rock Vegas - no hills and usually cool weather :) Very cool you saw your old coach along the course!

chris mcpeake said...

congrats on the PR.. well done