Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Older is a B*tch

In two weeks, I'll be turning 34.  I certainly don't feel 34, and my body's true age based on my health is probably a lot younger. And I don't feel like I look old, but all of a sudden last week, absolutely out of nowhere, I was struck with a strange urge to purchase some sort of anti-aging wrinkle defense cream.  Perhaps its me being too critical of every little nook and cranny of my aging skin, but more likely I was just swindled by advertising.  Had I not seen about a thousand commercials telling me that I need wrinkle cream, it never would have occurred to me to even consider buying it.  Stupid media. 

Frankly, I've never really gotten into moisturizers or skin care products because I have really sensitive skin.  My mom still reminds me to this day that our family just about went into the poorhouse due to the pricey diapers she had to buy me when I was a baby, because of my allergic reaction to the cheaper ones.  Even though skin care products have come a long way since I was a baby, I've not really invested a lot of time or money in them.

But while wandering through Walgreens last Friday, I saw that Olay products were on sale, so I thought, "what the heck" and bought a 1.7 oz bottle of Regenerist Deep Hydrating Regenerating Cream.  According to the back of the package, all sorts of wonderous things were about to happen:  For around $20, this product was going to even out my skin tone, get rid of my current wrinkles and prevent new ones, all while making my skin glow with refreshing radiance.  Sold! 

Well, instead of "Olay" it was more like, "Oh no!" because after two days of using the cream this is what happened:

Olay - Oh no!
 In case you can't tell from the picture, my face is now covered in hundreds of tiny red splotchy bumps, which presumably is an allergic reaction.  It's also kind of itchy.  I feel like a freaking leper. Not exactly the revitalizing, youthful glow I was hoping for.  (See how sad I am about it?)

I wrote to Olay on their website today to tell them about my experience and to ask for a refund, and while I was impressed with how quickly they replied and how sympathetic they were to my issue, their note gave me the sinking feeling that I probably wasn't getting my $20 back:

"Thanks for contacting Olay, Gabrielle. I'm sorry you experienced a break out after using our Deep Hydration Cream. Our products and packages are thoroughly evaluated to be safe when used as directed. Additionally, we maintain an ongoing safety monitoring program to assure the highest standards of safety and quality. Please be assured I'm sharing your comments with our Health and Safety Division. Meanwhile, please hold on to the package and any remaining product for two weeks in the event our Health and Safety Division needs to retrieve them.  Your satisfaction means a great deal to us so I'm also responding by postal mail. Look for my letter to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks. For answers to medical questions, we recommend you speak with your doctor who will be able to give you the best advice. "

I'm thinking this may be my first and last foray into wrinkle creams, unless and until a dermatologist gets involved.  However, I would love to hear what kinds of anti-aging products my readers use or any other tips you may have for naturally keeping a youthful glow, so please feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gabs!!! It's Steph

I think we're sucker sisters in advertising. Remember the Magic Bullet Blender seemed like a good idea? Yeah... (although I do use it for some things, I can't even do smoothies now because the blades have dulled!!).

I too went through a phase at around age 25. Not that I thought I had wrinkles but I was worried that one day I would worry about my wrinkles. That's what 30 and 40 somethings seem to all do (again, maybe I got this message from commercials?).

I looked into products like the wrinkles creams and basically once you use them you can't stop. If you do the wrinkles come back ten times worse because your body starts relying on outside sources to do the things it naturally does.

HOWEVER, there are natural approaches that one can use to delay the onset. Like getting anti-oxidants and omega3s. Anti-oxidants help with the outward anti-aging. Omega3s help with mental degradation. I can give you a WHOLE LIST of foods for each if you like but I've feel like I've written way too much for now. :-S

And then tomato juice is supposed to be good to drink if you've just been tanning and fear you'll get a sunburn. Supposedly the in take of lycopine helps ease sunburn, thus easing damage/aging of skin.

leemary said...

Well, being a Mary Kay sales lady for 10 years has taught me a few things.
I went to the DR with red splotches all over my cheeks, chin and forehead, and was diagnosed with Rosecea. I was allergic to everything! He recommended that I try the Mary Kay line of products, can you imagine?
Well 10 years later I am still using them and at least with them you would have gotten your money back immediately!!!
Sorry about the wrinkles, they come with the aging process, but they can be softened and minimized with daily care.
Just my 2 cents worth. lol

Gabrielle Dion said...

First of all, yay comments! Steph - thanks for your input, and it gives me an idea. I'll have to do some future posts about omega3's and antioxidants and such, w/ recipes.
Mary - I will definitely have to try Mary Kay. Maybe you can send me some samples and I could do a giveaway on the site?

mthorn2000 said...

I think you need to contact Jackie Chiles and be sure to hold on to some of that moisturizer. Do not send it all back to Olay in case you need it for evidence later.....