Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Despite being ridiculously busy, this week seems like it has dragged on forever.  I wonder if God likes to sneak a few extra hours into the days leading up to your vacation... you know, just to make you appreciate it more?

Here's what I've been working on:

1. Actual work, aka my "real job."  As some of you know (and some of you don't), I work as Operations Manager for a crazy little Japanese manufacturing company.  The best way to describe my company is to say that we "make stuff that makes stuff."  We manufacture a lot of the robotic equipment that goes into Toyota suppliers' plants, and we also have a division that makes spring-making machines. My mom has no idea whatsoever what I actually do, and I think she's pretty content with that.  My father, however, is in the early stages of senility, and likes to tell me to "keep making those screw machines."  Okay, Dad, I'll do that.

Since March 2009, my company has been on an involuntary 10% cutback. What this means is that while we only have to work 35 hours each week (yay!), but we also had to take a 10% paycut (boo!).  Business was very slow back in '09, so it made sense and everyone was just happy to keep their jobs.  During the last few months, business has picked up a lot, and I'm so busy most days that I rarely have time to play online Boggle anymore. While my Boggle skills may further suffer, I'm crossing my fingers that rumors of returning to full-time pay and hours in January are true. 

2.  Assuming we do go back to full-time, I'm going to be a very busy lady.  I start teaching Zumba in the Circuit tonight at the Fort Mitchell Curves.  It's going to be a really fun class, but it's substantially different from traditional Zumba, so I've been cramming for teaching the class the way you would for an exam.  After hours of practicing the choreography last night, I went to bed and dreamt about cumbia steps and salsa rhythms all night.  I'll be teaching at Curves on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I start my Wednesday night Edgewood class in January.  I'm also considering taking on a fourth class starting in January too (Am I nuts?!). I've updated the Zumba page here on Weightless, so I hope that any local people will check it out if you're thinking of attending a class!

3. With all this craziness abounding, I'm so looking forward to getting away from it all!  I'm leaving Saturday for Vegas, doing the race Sunday, then I'm going to spend a few additional days out there hiding from my real life.  I'm bringing my laptop, so I'll try to post a few updates... what happens in Vegas will be on my blog!

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